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Quick Link 360

The Quick Link 360 is a multi-directional cable manager used for height-adjustable mechanisms.
Available Color(s):
  • Black
  • White
  • Silver
50 Q Link 360 elements
1 Quad Connector
1 Dumbbell Connector
1 Foot Assembly
Used for height-adjustable mechanisms up to 51” height

The Quick Link 360 is a new multi-directional cable manager that is used for height-adjustable mechanisms. Simply add Quick Link 360 elements to achieve the desired height. Wires and cables are fed from the work surface down through the elements to the weighted foot at the bottom. The Q Link 360 provides multiple ways of attachment to the desk, either by the Magnetic Pockets attaching to the leg, or free standing to the Foot assembly on the floor.

Quick Link 360 Cable Manager Kits are offered complete with 50 Q Link 360 elements, 1 Quad Connector, 1 Dumbbell Connector, and 1 Foot Assembly. The Kits can be used for height-adjustable mechanisms up to 51” height adjustment and for free-standing use.