LED Task Light Series (LEDT)
The bright, warm light of the LED Task Light Series is perfect for any workspace. It allows unparalleled mobility that brings clarity and focus to the task at hand.
  • High quality, long lasting LED luminaires rated at 50,000 hrs
  • Single touch on/off switch with 15%-100% continuous dimming with last state memory
  • 3500K color "temperature" in the optimum neutral range for office work
  • Auto turn off after 10 hours of use
  • Clear anodized aluminum housing with white end caps
  • 9' cord with 15 watt power supply (LEDT17) and 12' foot cord with 60 watt power supply (LEDT31, LEDT44, and LEDT 58)
  • Screw and magnetic mounting hardware included
  • Other options include daisy chaining and occupancy sensor
  • Additional LEDT Information
Available Sizes
LEDT17 - 17"
For shelf sizes 24" - 36"
LEDT31 - 31"
For shelf sizes 42" - 48"
LEDT44 - 44"
For shelf sizes 54" - 60"
LEDT58 - 58"
For shelf sizes greater than 72"
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