Flat Screen Monitor Arm (Infinity-1)
Single-Screen, Cylinder Assist Monitor Arm
  • Comes with clamp and grommet mount, ideal for all desk mounting configurations, minimizing SKU’s
  • Adjustable counterbalance cylinder provides smooth 14 ½" of height adjustment with fingertip control
  • Infinity-1-L series counterbalances monitors from 5 lbs. to 20 lbs.
  • Infinity-1-H series counterbalances monitors from 10 lbs. to 30 lbs.
  • Double extension arms provide a maximum of 26 3/4" extension from the rear edge of the mounting surface to the VESA Plate for greater monitor adjustment on deep or corner workstations
  • Arms fold back to a minimum dimension of 4 1/2" to provide maximum desk utilization
  • Monitor mounting bracket contains both 75mm and 100mm hole patterns to comply with VESA standards
  • Patented Quick Connect allows fast, simple assembly
  • Weight gauge provided to allow for quick and easy counterbalance adjustment of the arm prior to installing the screen. Saves time and guesswork especially for multiple arm installations
  • VESA Plate rotates for portrait or landscape viewing with 180° side to side rotation and -90° to +45° tilt for optimal viewing adjustment
  • Die cast aluminum construction provides greater stability and contains high recycled material content with full recyclability
  • Adjustable rotation limiter to restrict arm rotation to 180°, preventing arms from hitting walls
  • Multiple color choices include Silver, Black and White to match any furniture or decor
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